My Publications


Zero-Carbon Industry: Transformative Technologies and Policies to Achieve Sustainable Prosperity
Columbia University Press — February 2024
    Indian Edition, Penguin Random House India — May 2024

Designing Climate Solutions: A Policy Guide for Low-Carbon Energy
Island Press — November 2018
    Chinese Edition, China Environmental Publishing Group — April 2021

Reports and Whitepapers

Direct Electrification of Industrial Process Heat: An Assessment of Technologies, Potentials and Future Prospects for the EU
Agora IndustryJune 2024

Clean Industry in China: A Techno-Economic Comparison of Electrified Heat Technologies, Barriers, and Policy Options
Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryMay 2024

Industrial Thermal Batteries: Decarbonizing U.S. Industry While Supporting a High-Renewables Grid
Energy Innovation — July 2023

Policies To Accelerate The Transition To Clean And Competitive U.S. Industry
Energy Innovation — April 2023

Decarbonizing Industry in the U.S. and China
California-China Climate Institute — March 2023

Closing The Emissions Gap Between The IRA And 2030 NDC: Policies To Meet The Moment
Energy InnovationDecember 2022

Decarbonizing Low-Temperature Industrial Heat In The U.S.
Energy Innovation — October 2022

Updated Inflation Reduction Act Modeling Using the Energy Policy Simulator
Energy Innovation — August 2022

Modeling the Inflation Reduction Act Using the Energy Policy Simulator
Energy Innovation — August 2022

Benefits of the Build Back Better Act's Methane Fee
Energy Innovation — October 2021

Hong Kong Energy Policy Simulator: Methods, Data, and Scenario Results for 2050
World Resources Institute December 2019

Choosing the Right Path: Low-Cost Policy Options for Enhancing Mexico’s Climate Goals While Achieving Long-Term Social Benefits
World Resources Institute — May 2019

A Tool for Designing Policies to Achieve India’s Climate Targets
World Resources Institute — January 2019

Cement's Role in a Carbon-Neutral Future
Energy Innovation — November 2018

A Tool for Designing a Policy Package to Achieve Indonesia’s Climate Targets
World Resources Institute — August 2017

Achieving Mexico’s Climate Goals: An Eight Point Action Plan
World Resources Institute — November 2016

Advanced Diesel Internal Combustion Engines (Case Studies on the Government's Role in Energy Technology Innovation)
American Energy Innovation Council March 2013

Low-Emissivity Windows (Case Studies on the Government's Role in Energy Technology Innovation)
American Energy Innovation Council — March 2013

Unleashing Private Sector Energy R&D: Insights from Interviews with 17 R&D Leaders
American Energy Innovation Council — January 2013

Energy Technology Innovation Leadership in the 21st Century
Energy Innovation — January 2013

Journal Articles

Magazine and Newspaper Articles

California can lead climate change fight by cutting industry pollution
San Jose Mercury News — March 2024

Climate's industrial-sized problem calls for electrification
Latitude Media March 2024

We must cut carbon from industry. Here's how we can do it.
Yale Climate Connections — February 2024

Cement is a big part of the carbon problem. Here’s how to make it part of the solution
Los Angeles Times February 2024

Zero-Carbon Industry: Navigating The Clean Industrial Revolution
Forbes — January 2024 (and reprinted in The Condor, March 2024)

Q&A with Jeff Rissman
Thermal ProcessingSeptember 2023

Thermal Batteries Could Cut U.S Industrial Heating Power Costs In Half
Forbes — July 2023

Decarbonizing Industrial Heat via Heat Pumps
Industrial Heating — November 2022

Biden’s Clean Industry Policies Could Be Among Most Consequential U.S. Climate Actions
Forbes  — March 2022

Near-Zero Industrial Emissions By 2050 Would Boost U.S. GDP 3.3%, Create 5 Million Jobs
Forbes  — December 2020

How To Reach U.S. Net Zero Emissions By 2050: Decarbonizing Transportation
Forbes November 2019

How To Reach U.S. Net Zero Emissions By 2050: Decarbonizing Industry
Forbes — November 2019

Hydrogen Could Become A $130 Billion U.S. Industry By 2050. Could It Also Cut Emissions?
Forbes — October 2019

Concrete change: Making cement carbon-negative
GreenBizDecember 2018

Poland's Path To Tackling Climate Change: 40% Fewer Emissions, $26 Billion Annual Savings by 2050
Forbes — March 2018

Climate Change And Global Poverty Can Only Be Solved Together
Forbes — December 2017

Four Policies Can Reduce U.S. Transport Emissions 45%, Cut Oil Use 23%, Save 5,300 Lives Per Year
Forbes — October 2017

The Future Of Electric Vehicles In The U.S., Part 2: EV Price, Oil Cost, Fuel Economy Drive Adoption
Forbes — September 2017

The Future Of Electric Vehicles In The U.S., Part 1: 65%-75% New Light-Duty Vehicle Sales By 2050
Forbes — September 2017

How To Decarbonize Indonesia and Achieve Low-Carbon Prosperity
Forbes — August 2017

Carbon Capture And Storage: An Expensive Option For Reducing U.S. CO2 Emissions
Forbes — May 2017

Clean Power Plan Repeal Would Cost America $600 Billion, Cause 120,000 Premature Deaths
Forbes — February 2017

It Takes a Portfolio: A Broad Spectrum of Policies Can Best Halt Climate Change
Electricity PolicyAugust 2016

The Cheapest, Cleanest Way to Meet Electricity Demand
LiveScience January 2015

The Three Policies That Can Counter Global Warming
LiveScience — June 2014

Unlikely clean tech heroes: lowly thermostats & water heaters
Virgin UniteApril 2014

To Cut Carbon, A Decade is Too Long to Wait
LiveScience — November 2013

We Will Not Run Out of Fossil Fuels
LiveScience — June 2013

Podcast and Radio Appearances

Jeffrey Rissman, Author of "Zero-Carbon Industry"
The Many Shades of Green — June 2024

The Ways Revolutionary Tech is Driving a Carbon-Free Industry
The Geotechnical Engineering PodcastJune 2024

Jeffrey Rissman: The Road to a Zero-Carbon Industrial Nation
Constructed Futures — May 2024

Can Industry Eliminate Its Carbon Pollution?
Columbia Energy Exchange — May 2024

Transitioning to Zero-Carbon Industry: A Pathway to Sustainable Prosperity
Climate CorrectionMay 2024

Book Review - The author of Zero Carbon Industry discusses his recently released book
A Little GreenerMay 2024

A Path to Zero Carbon Industry
HydrogenNowCastApril 2024

Zero Carbon Industry Through Transformative Technologies and Policies with Jeffrey Rissman
People with PurposeApril 2024

Zero-Carbon Industry: Transformative Technologies and Policies to Achieve Sustainable Prosperity – with Jeffrey Rissman
Awesome EarthkindApril 2024

‘The Technology’s There. We’re Just Not Using It’: The Push To De-Carbonize Industry
Viewpoints Radio — April 2024

Decarbonizing heavy industry with technology and policy
S&P Energy Evolution — March 2024

How to Achieve Zero-Carbon Industry with Jeffrey Rissman
Every Day is Earth Day (KMSU) — March 2024

A Roadmap for the Zero-Carbon Industrial Transition (Part 1 of 3)
Electrify This! — March 2024

Book Review - The author of Zero-Carbon Industry discusses his recently released book
Climate Change, Global Warming, Net Zero, and Sustainability with Suraj BhatiaMarch 2024

How to achieve a Zero Carbon Industry by 2060 with Jeffrey Rissman
The Environmental Transformation Podcast — February 2024

Decarbonizing the Industrial Sector, with Jeffrey Rissman
Resources Radio — February 2024

Interconnected Challenges: Climate Change, Energy Security, and Human Rights
Healthy Living Healthy Planet Radio — February 2024

A new book – Zero Carbon Industry – calls for decarbonizing industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Clean Up Your Act (KCCK) — February 2024

Decarbonising Concrete and Steel, with Jeff Rissman
The Green UrbanistFebruary 2024

Can There Be Industry Without Fossil Fuels?
Radio Ecoshock — February 2024

Guest Interview: Jeffrey Rissman (Zero-Carbon Industry)
The Planet TodayJanuary 2024

Zero emissions a win for the planet and industry, Chicago author says
WBBM Newsradio ChicagoJanuary 2024

From COP 27 to Corporations: Electrifying Industry to Meet U.S. Climate Goals
Electrify This! November 2022

The technologies and policies that could underpin commercially viable decarbonisation
DecarbConnect — May 2021

Decarbonizing Global Industry, with Jeffrey Rissman
Resources Radio — May 2020

Lectures and Webinars

Federal Policy to Decarbonize U.S. Industry
Energy Innovation and the U.S. Department of EnergyApril 2024

Decarbonizing the Industrial Sector
Stanford University — March 2024

A Sectoral Approach to Climate Mitigation: The Industrial Sector
American UniversityApril 2023